What To Expect at San Pedro Health Center

At the time you make your appointment, you will be asked for your insurance information. We do try to verify your benefits prior to your first visit. Our friendly staff will greet you as soon as you enter our practice. If you haven’t already completed your new patient paperwork, we’ll give you some time to do that. Once the paperwork is completed, we’ll show you a five-minute video about Chiropractic care and it’s benefits.

Welcome to San Pedro Health Center!

Dr. Kromas will review your paperwork and spend some time discussing your health concerns with you. This is a great time to ask any questions you might have.

A Care Plan Just For You

A thorough exam will be performed and if needed, you will be referred for x-rays at a local physicians office. Depending on the severity of your health concerns, we will develop a treatment plan for you. This plan may include alternative therapies and specific exercises that you can do at home.

We’ll explain the results or benefits you can expect over the coarse of your care with us. If needed, we’ll schedule additional appointments during this time. Any insurance benefits available will also be discussed.

“If necessary, I may give you a referral for an X-ray. If not, you’ll receive your first adjustment.

Re-Evaluation Process

Your initial care plan will last three to four weeks. Dependent upon the severity of your situation, we can re-evaluate your progress and the effectiveness of the treatment you have received. The next phase will include you as an active participant in the exercise part of your treatment plan.

Call us at (310) 832-5818 to schedule an appointment today.

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