A holistic approach to personalized care.

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Chiropractic: Remove interference of nerve pathways (subluxation) through the Chiropractic Manipulation and restore function and joint mobility.

Acupuncture: Releases stagnation and balances energy to restore and maintain health.

Nutritional Counseling: Purification and weight loss programs eliminate toxins brought into the body through air, food, household chemicals, pesticides, etc. Brings optimum health to the entire body. Standard Process Supplements are used for treatment.

Muscle Therapy: Increases circulation and lymph flow, relaxation, increases joint mobility by removing toxins from the joints.

Ultrasound: Reduces inflammation, stimulates cellular movement, micro-massage of inflamed areas.

Ultraviolet: Deep heat that reduces muscle spasm and stimulates healing.

Paraffin: Hands, feet and elbows. Deep moist heat. Benefits arthritis, stiff joints, sprains, strains.

Low Voltage Galvanic: Pads that contract and relax to tire out and relax muscles.

Cold laser: Increases soft tissue healing through penetration and circulation. Used for fibromyalgia and sports injuries.