Our Techniques and Therapies

At San Pedro Health Center, our experienced chiropractors are supported by specialized equipment. We address different health problems and injuries using a variety of techniques and therapies.

San Pedro Chiropractic Care


We use a combination of the Thompson drop table, Cox traction table, Activator and Diversified Adjusting Technique. Your treatment may require the use of the Spinalator for joint mobility.

Cold Laser

The light generated by the cold laser stimulates tissue and aids recovery from fibromyalgia and sports injuries.

Low Voltage Galvanic

Mild electric impulses are used to provide relief from muscular pain.

San Pedro Muscle Therapy

These hands-on techniques release tension in specific muscular areas and allow the adjustment to be given with ease.

Muscle Therapy

Increased circulation and lymph flow removes toxins from the joints. This increases joint mobility.

Nutritional Counseling

Bio-Meridian Analysis and Standard Process Supplements are used to assess and support your nutritional imbalances. Weight loss and purification programs eliminate toxins and optimize your health.
Ask about our special Life Balance Program.


Paraffin treatment provides deep moist heat to combat arthritic pain, sprains, strains and stiff joints of the hands.



Ultrasound is used to increase elasticity of connective tissue. A micro-massage of the inflamed areas helps reduce inflammation.


The vertical whole body vibration machine increases blood and lymphatic circulation. It improves recovery after surgery or injury and is used for neuro-muscular re-education.

To learn more about the best technique for your problem call San Pedro Health Center at (310) 832-5818.

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