What Drew Me to My Chiropractic Career

San Pedro Chiropractor, Dr. Kim Kromas

As a child, I had numerous bouts of asthma and pneumonia, once complicated with Scarlet Fever and landing me in the hospital and breathing in an oxygen tent. My mother made a conscious decision to learn everything she could about how the body could heal itself and stop the constant use of antibiotics. Eventually she tried alternative medicine and took me to a chiropractor. He found a slight curve in my spine and made the proper adjustments to align my spine. My mother also took me to a nutritionist who took me off of dairy and nuts. The change in my health was obvious and wonderful. I realized that chiropractic care and maintaining a flexible and balanced spine is the basis for health.

My Journey Toward Becoming a Chiropractor

Initially Dr. Kromas studied business and engineering, but Chiropractic kept calling her. She decided to switch majors and took her pre-med classes at Cal State, Long Beach, moving to the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1984. “No surprises, it was exactly what I had wanted and expected.” “I’ve been in practice since 1988 and I love the social aspect of Chiropractic. I see patients from across San Pedro, South Bay and Long Beach. They all come here wanting to get better and be part of the change.” Continuing education is a must in the health field. In 2007, I completed by PhD in Alternative Health Care and use this knowledge every day with my patients.

Make Chiropractic a Part of Your Lifestyle

We don’t just make corrections to the spine. “The best part of being a chiropractor is that I give people information that they can use their whole life.” Call today (310) 832-5818 and make chiropractic a part of your new, healthy lifestyle.

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