About San Pedro Health Center in San Pedro

Everyone Gets Quality Chiropractic Care

At San Pedro Health Center, you will get the same level of high-quality care, no matter what your age, health problem or insurance benefits. We see patients, from infants to seniors, with health problems that range from from colicky babies to chronic low back and neck pain, sports injuries to personal injuries and degenerating joints.

Help For A Lifetime

When we meet you, our primary goal will be to focus on your health concerns and how it relates to the condition of your spine. We make the proper corrections to your spine and help you make lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy spine. We give patient-specific information on nutrition, exercise and yoga. This will be information you can use your whole life.

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You’ll Benefit from a Team of Knowledgeable, Experienced Therapists

Our experienced therapists know how to identify and use the most appropriate muscle therapy for you. This may include:

  • Lymphatic
  • Deep tissue
  • Neuro-muscular re-education
  • and more

For more information visit our techniques page.

Listen to Your Kids

We treat children, from infants to teenagers. Many of our young patients tell their parents when they need to visit the chiropractor. Dr. Kromas says, “It’s really important to listen to your kids. They know when they hurt or need to be adjusted.”

We communicate and we care. Give chiropractic a try; your health is worth it.

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